Vitamin D Needs For Your Family

Some of us need different levels of vitamin D than others:


                      Because of their growing teeth and bones your children need to maintain good levels of Vitamin D to ensure that 
                      they reduce the risk of rickets and tooth decay.

Pregnant Mothers:

                      Need adequate vitamin D levels to ensure healthy development of baby's bones and teeth. Vitamin D deficiency
                      during pregnancy has also been linked to greater risk of pregnancy complications.


Older Adults:

                     Are already at an increased risk for developing osteoporosis and if they are spending most of their time indoors may
                     need extra Vitamin D to increase calcium absportion.


Ways to increase your Family's Vitamin D intake:

-Try to increase amount of time spent outdoors, especially in winter.

-Try a family walk out in the sun instead of TV or video games.

- Incorperate Vitamin D rich foods into family meals.

- Share your knowledge with others in your family who could be at risk.

- Use sun protection but remeber your skin needs some direct contact with sunlight.