Time Savers


The below links are great time savers for those of us working long hours

and dont have time to shop or cook on a regular basis.

There are a few people across site already using the meal websites and they come

highly recommended! give them a go!

There are some long irregular shifts around Macraes and 

a lot of us have a fair bit of travel to and from work each day.

The last thing anyone can be bothered with is the

weekly grocery shop!


Try Countdowns online shopping!

Their staff will do the shopping for you and

you have the option of picking it up yourself,

or they will deliver to your door!

Delivery costs vary starting at $8.95.

One chore down......

Whether you are cooking for one,

or you have a really busy family life,

this website is one of two we have found that

can deliver you healthy cooked ready to heat meals.


Ranging between $6 and $8 a meal how could you loose?


Cheaper than your average takeaways,

much healthier and even more conveniant when you dont have to leave the house!

Made and delivered from Dunedin so add it to your favourites.

Nadia Lim won the second series of MaterChef NZ.

Since then she has created this great website,

which goes ones step further than Countdown!


She sends you all the ingrediants you need to create your meals, as well as the recipes.


All you have to do is throw it all together and you'll end up with a meal fit for MasterChef judges!

This is also a ready to heat meal delivery website.

It is slightly more expensive ranging around $8 - $12 per meal,  however they offer a completely different range.


By adding this to your favourites as well,

this will give you plenty of variety 

meaning less time in the supermarket!