Students Work


2016 Term 1:

Lisa Dorward and Taylor Foster were the first students of 2016 to come to the mine.

Their topic of choice was mental wellbeing and their aim was to promote how your mental wellbeing is just as important as your physical wellbing and how the two tie together.


2015 Term 1:


Alec Sanders and James Caley were the first students of 2015 to come to the mine.


They created a healthy lifestyle website encouraging viewers to take a positive peer pressure approach - "Healthy plate, healthy mate".


2014 Term 4:


Melissa McRae and Michael Karacaoglu's health topic

was to focus on

Womans' health.

At the time of this study,

only 31 out of 380 employees

were female, often resulting

in attention focused on

male related issues.

Melissa and Michael chose

to pay particular attention to

Womans' fitness.


2014 Term 3:


India O'Kane and

Bec Pilcher focused

on Vitamin D deficiency.

They have provided 

recomendations for those

who are at risk.


Their work has also been

added to this website.

2014 Term 2:


Sarah Luskie and

Madeleine Fisher's

project was on Shiftwork

and Nutrition.

To ensure the information

was accessable to

all our employees, 

they came up with and

created this fantastic website,

which Macraes will

now keep updated.

2014 Term 1:


Caitlin Brennan and Zara Ramathas were the first students to visit Macraes.


Their project was to get an overview of the mine and

make an assessment on

what needs to be covered o

ff the rest of the year by

the other students.