Stand Up Desk Exercises

* Keep your abs tight in all poses this will help protect your back!


* Only stretch to the point of slight discomfort, if your in pain you have gone to far and could do yourself some damage. You should feel the   stretch in the muscles not your joints if your doing the stretch correctly!


* Breath! It’s common for people to hold their breath while stretching, but it helps the muscles relax into the stretch, and increases the blood flow. As you get better at the poses, your exhalation breath will help you stretch deeper!


* Take your time and control the stretches. The sustained mild stretch helps ease the tightness and tension in your muscles. Start poses of at 10 seconds, as you get better at them, hold them for a longer length of time.


* Don’t stretch already injured muscles unless this is instructed by your physio.


* Don’t try and force flexibility. Try and pick a couple of stretches to do each hour, keep with it and then you will start to notice the benefits and flexibility.

Bending your left knee,

step your straight right

leg forward and rest on

your heel with your toes pointing to the sky.

Hold for 10-15 seconds

and the switch legs.


Bending your left knee,

step your straight right

leg backwards and rest

on your toes. Keep your

back straight and abs to.

Hold for 10-15 seconds

and the switch legs.

Bending your left knee,

step your right leg out

to the side. Keep your

abs tight and your feet

flat on the ground.

Both feet should be

facing the front.

Hold for 10-15 seconds

and repeat on other side.



Keep your left leg

straight. Bend your

right leg behind you

catch it in your right

hand. Keep your back

as straight as possible

and hold your abs in.

Hold for 10-15 seconds,

then switch sides.

Repeat twice.

Stand with your knees and ankles together.

Lift your knee caps up and tighten your

abs and keep your back straight.

Hold for 10 seconds.


Keeping your back straight,

bend at the knees as far

as you feel comfortable.

Hold here for 10 seconds.


Repeat both poses 3x.

Place your feet flat on the floor

with your legs hip width apart.

Rise up on to your tip toes,

hold for 10 seconds

and release.


Repeat 10 times.