Shift Work


Facts and Tips for Shift Workers

-Shift workers suffer more ill health than those on fixed day schedules.

-Shift work disturbs the circadian rhythm, which is your bodies natural sleep wake cycle

which also influences your bodiesdigestive patterns, temperature and

blood pressure and other mechanical processes.

-There is a high prevalence of obesity in the mining industry.

Shift work is an associated factor to obesity which

carries many health implications. 

-Adjustment and management of shift work can be made easier

through exercise and a balanced diet.

-Sleeping in cool conditions aids in getting and staying asleep 

-Aim for at least 7 hours in bed, minimum of 4 hours asleep.

Rest without sleep is still beneficial for the body.

-Avoid coffee in the hours before you will be going to sleep. 

-Alcohol lowers the quality of sleep.

Avoid having a few beers before bed 

-If you are having difficulty with adjusting and managing shift work

talk with your doctor or the Macraes registered nurse

who will be able to help.

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