Seated Exercises

Tips for a good stretch:

* Keep your abs tight in all poses this will help protect your back!

* Only stretch to the point of slight discomfort. If you are in pain you have gone to far and could do yourself some damage. You should feel the stretch in the muscles not your joints if you are doing the stretch correctly!

* Breath! It’s common for people to hold their breath while stretching. Breathing helps the muscles relax into the stretch, and increases the blood flow. As you get better at the poses, your exhalation breath will help you stretch deeper!

* Take your time and control the stretches. The sustained mild stretch helps ease the tightness and tension in your muscles. Start poses off at 10 seconds. As you get better, hold the stretch for a longer length of time.

* Don’t stretch already injured muscles unless this is instructed by your physio.

* Do not try and force flexibility. Try and pick a couple of stretches to do each hour. If you stick to it, you will start to notice the benefits and flexibility.

Place your palm flat on the top of your head. slowly pull your head to your chin. Keep your abs tight and hold for 10 seconds.

Interlink your fingers, turn the palms of your hands away from you and stretch your arms out in front of you as far as you can comfortably.

Hold for 10 seconds and repeat 3 times.

Stretch your right arm across your body, past your left shoulder, holding your right elbow with your left hand.

Hold for 15 Seconds.

Repeat with your left arm.

Place your Left arm behind your head and move your palm down your back as far as you can go comfortably. Place your right hand on your left elbow and hold for 10 seconds.

Repeat on the opposite side. Make sure your is back straight!

Repeat steps from first exercise, but this time, pull your head down to your right shoulder and hold for 10 seconds. 

Repeat to the left shoulder.

Link your fingers, palms facing out. Raise your arms above your head, pushing towards the roof.

Hold for 10 seconds, and repeat 3 times.

Cross your right knee over your left, place your left hand on your right knee and turn your head to look over your right Shoulder.

Hold for 10 seconds and then repeat on the other side.

Bring your palms together in front of your chest, in a prayer position.

Without moving the position of your arms; roll your wrist down so that your finger tips are pointing to the ground.

Hold for 10 seconds.

Repeat 3 times.

Circle your shoulders forward, up, towards the back and then down 10 times.

Repeat circling up towards the front and down 10 times.

Palms flat, press your left arm straight down toward the floor, and your right arm straight up towards the ceiling.

Hold for 10-15 seconds. Switch sides.

Place your left arm behind your head and move your palm down your back as far as you can comfortable. Place your right hand on your left elbow, keeping your back straight, tilt down to your right side. Hold for 10-15 seconds.

Repeat on the opposite side.

Place your feet flat on the floor and rock them backwards so that your toes are in the air. Take them back to the flat position and then rock them forwards so that your heels are off the ground.

Repeat this process 15 times.