Safe Sun Exposure


Although the sun is our best way of meeting our vitamin D needs NewZealanders are at a high risk for getting burnt during the

summer months, and also hold high rates of skin cancers associated with excessive sun exposure.


To ensure you can get all the healthy benefits from the sun safely follow these tips:


- Limit exposure during the summer months to avoid the sun at its hottest.

We suggest 5-10 mins in mid-morning or mid-afternoon is the best time for this.


-Once you have had some exposure use sun protection to avoid getting burnt

Slip Slop Slap And Wrap!


- Winter months are less risky for getting burnt bus also means less Vitamin D is availble as the sunlight isn't as strong,

you need to increase your exposure time to 20-40 mins during the middle of the day for best results.


-Some medications may increase you risk of getting burnt,

check with your doctor if you have concerns.


- The sun can be harsher in some ares than others for information specific to the

UV index in your area check out this site.