Improve the health and wellbeing status

of Macraes Miners

Manage shift work


Shift work introduces an unnatural pattern of sleep and work which

has consequences to a individuals physical and mental health.

As shift wok is a requirement of Macraes workers it is

important to understand these consequences and

how the negative effects can be managed.

Improve your Nutrition​ Status 


A balanced diet with good nutrition is essential to maintaining

and promoting good health.


It provides the foundation for disease prevention and

allows optimal performance during everyday life.


It is important to note that a healthy diet involves balance.

To find more about healthy eating follow the link below.

Increase your daily exercise


Along with a balanced diet, physical activity promotes good

physical and mental health.

With only 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise

required each day for five days a week, there can be a

significant reduction in the risk of heart disease, stroke,

and other degenerative illnesses.


While many think of exercise as going to the gym or going for a run, physical activity can include other things like taking the stairs,

or cleaning the house.

To find out more about exercise and physical activity, follow the link below.

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