Nutrition Tips

*Eat a light meal before going to sleep during the day

in order to avoid waking up due to hunger

*Attempt to stick to a normal day and night pattern of food intake

i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner at the appropriate times

*Have three significant meals throughout a 24 hour period where each meal makes up

20-35% of your daily intake of food

*Avoid relying on convenience foods that have

high carbohydrate content during your shift


*Avoid sugar-rich foods like bakery items,

soft drinks and sweets

*During your shift, rely on foods like vegetable soups, salads, yoghurt,

whole grain sandwiches, nuts, and other more balanced snacks.

*Design your shift schedule to allow enough time between shifts for sleep,

meal preparation, and other activities, and avoid quick returns to work.

*Instead of "fish n chips" choose the filled roll option.

*Make extra dinner and pack the left overs for lunch


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