This Page has been put together to send you off to

other websites that promote quick and healthy foods

This website has a great range of

child and teen friendly recipes,

with ingredients you can easily

find in your own pantry.


Once a year , Just Cook run a "Challenge" for teenagers to

come up with a great family dish

for a chance to win prizes !


Keep an eye out!

This site has been created for

those of you that need to keep

your kids occupied!


There are some great looking

recipes and ideas for snacking

that are creative and healthy!

Eggs are a highly nutritious food

that make an important contribution

to a healthy, well balanced diet.


They are a natural source of at least

11 different vitamins and minerals as well as high quality protein,

omega-3 fats and antioxidants


Check this Kiwi website out for some great recipes!

The Healthy Food Guide has

created a website.


It has all of the great recipes from the magazine, as well as advice,

blogs and competitions!

Not to mention you can still sign up

for their monthly magazine 

subscription if you prefer!

"EatingWell" has it all! Great healthy recipes, ideas for 20 minute meals

and tips on how to stay healthy.


You can also sign up to a meal planner that helps you track calories,

create shopping lists and

calculate your BMI.

Check out our life hacks page for 

the link to this app so you can

add it to your smartphone!