Life Hacks

This page has some great links to other websites in which you may find helpful to stay fit and healthy.

If you know of any you can't live without, get in touch with our H+S Department,

or the site nurse so that we can share them with everyone!

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Countdown Online Shopping

There are some long irregular shifts around Macraes and 

a lot of us have a fair bit of travel to and from work each day.

The last thing anyone can be bothered with is the

weekly grocery shop!


Try Countdowns online shopping!

Their staff will do the shopping for you and

you have the option of picking it up yourself,

or they will deliver to your door!

Delivery costs vary starting at $8.95.

One chore down......

D-Minder iPhone/Android App

Some of us don't see daylight for a week at a time

which can lead to deficiency of Vitiman D.


Dowload this app to your smartphone and it will tell you

when the best time to get you daily intake of Vitamin D is,

and how long you need to be out in that

glorious sun to get your quota!


Find out more info on Vitman D here

Popsugar Active

One for the ladies!

This app for your gives you a massive range of workout videos right there on your phone!


The workouts range from yoga to running to aerobics

and have different times (anywhere from five minutes)

to fit into your hectic work schedule.

Even those living in Dunedin and working at

Macraes have five minutes!

Healthy in a Hurry

"Healthy in a Hurry" is an app for both

Apple and Android smart phones.


Itis also a great website that has links to a million different quick, easy and healthy recipies

Perfect for those of us who dont have

hours to spend in the kitchen!!

Couch to 5K

If you're just starting out this is a fantastic app to get you running your first marathon!


The app gives you goals each day alternating between walking briskly and jogging over nine weeks until

you are running your 5K!


This app is free and currently only availible via iTunes, however if you are an android user,

there are plenty out there if you don't

mind paying a buck or two for them.

AED Locater NZ

Did you know that early CPR and Early Defibrillation

can almost double the chances of a heart attack

victims survival rate?

This website has the location of every registered AED machine in NZ and comes in a handy app

to add to most smart phones.


You never know when having this app could help

save a life if you can get access to an

AED machine immediately!

My Fitness Pal

This website is great if you want to track you food intake, excercise, and weight changes.


Log your daily food and water intake, as well as your excersise and join the community for fresh ideas and

support from others with the same goals as you.


This app also links into other fitness apps such as Fitbit!


The Fitbit is a great fitness tracker.

You can purchase a wrist band that will track

anything from your sleep, steps taken in a day,

or how far you have run, to your heart rate and t

he calories you have eaten in a day.


If you don't want to wear the band you can

simply download the app to your smart phone and

watch yourself get fitter!

Exercises at your desk

While this web article will not suit everyone at Macraes,

there still are a few of us stuck behind a desk

for 9 - 12 hours a day!


There are 29 excercises listed here that you can do at,

or near your desk to give your body a bit of a break

from sitting!


Dont worry, they really aren't as

extreme as the picture!

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

This app ties into the monthly health talk given on

Sleep Cycles across site at

Macraes in June 2015. 


Sleep Cylce is more than your average alarm clock!

1. PLace phone under your pillow.

2 Sleep cycle analyses your sleeping patterns.

3. Sleep Cycle wakes you up when you are at your lightest sleep phase leaving you feeling much more awake and refreshed!


Availible on iTunes and Android, this is a paid app

(around NZ$2.49).