Intermediate Exercises

Triathalon Training

So... you've got the beginners swimming, cycling and running down and you want to step it up a little?


Check out this webstite:

A guide to triathalon training

It will walk you through from gearing up for the training right through to a daily training plan - not to mention great tips for your big day!!


5k to 10K in 12 Weeks!


Mountain bike techniques

* Level Intermediate *

This website has videos and notes for taking your

mountain bike techniques to the next level.

From straight lines and cornering, to dropping and landing.



Plank Challenge




This is really tough!


You will want to make sure

you have the first challenge

in the beginners sections

down before you

give this one a go!

25 min Insane workout

* beginners to advanced *

This 25 minute total body work out

caters for both beginners through to advanced.


Alternate between the two options for

a middle range workout.

300 Spartan

Home Work Out

This states that it is for beginners

but your goal is to start with 30 reps

of each exercise and keep reducing your time!

Intermediate Yoga

30 min Intermediate Invigorating Yoga Workout


A Yoga routine that adds in

some new tougher poses

10 Minute Hip opening Yoga Sequence

This routine is great for runners and cyclists

to loosen and stretch out hips and hamstrings.