Yesterday you said

Beginners Exercises


Beginner to 5K in 8 weeks


Getting Ready for the Cadbury Marathon,

Mud Sweat and Tears

or just want to increase your running ability

Check out this website which

will have you running 10K

in  just 12 Weeks!

Why we plank...

The 30 day plank challenge took the internet by storm and for good reason!

Below are just some of the benefits being able to hold the plank position will give you:


1.Strong Core:  As pictured above a plank strengthens you whole core (and then some).


2. Reduced back pain:Your abdominals are the front anchor for you spine, if they are weak then the other muscles around the spine have to work harder, making it easier for injury and strains.


3.  Flexibility: The plank increases flexibility in muscles that often receive little attention such as your toes, arches of feet, collarbones, and shoulders.


4. Convenient: You can do this anywhere! at home, in a quiet spot at work, even in your hotel room when your on holiday! It takes no equipment and at the most only takes up  300 Seconds (5 minutes)!

Beginners guide to

Mountain Biking


Get tips and hints for beginner mountain bikers from Wiki how. This site has everything

from preparation,  Building your Skills, and finding the right tracks.


There are a few experienced mountain bikers around Macraes too, ask them for

their tips and hints!

30 Minute

Aerobic Dance Workout

This 30 minute workout has a little bit of everything!

Warm up and warm down included, s

ure to get your heart pumping!

Beginning to swim

Swimming develops high aerobic endurance, it enhances flexibility and uses all of the bodys major muscle groups - no other sport does this as well!

Swimming counteracts gravity making it a low impact sport that puts little stress on the bones and joints, making it a great sport for injury rehab too!

Swimsation at Moana Pool has 4 different level classes for adults learning or refreshing their swimming skills. Moana Pool also offers Aqua exercises from light jogging, to Zumba and aqua belt diving.

Waitaki Aquatic Centre in Oamaru offer private lessons for Adults.

Beginners Yoga


Vinyassa Flow

Vinyassa flow yoga is a fast moving yoga sequence designed to increase warmth in to your body so that you can increase your strength and flexibility with each breath. It is also a gerat stress and anxiety buster!

 This video is a 10 minute work out and does move fast but you'll get the hang of it pretty quickly!


Basic Yoga for Athletes

More and more athletes are turning to yoga for the added benefits of strengthened cores, increased flexibility during their training, and the prevention (or rehab) of injuries.

This is a 6 minute routine aimed at athletes to stretch out tight muscles.


Keeping physically active is key to a healthy lifestyle. The above exercises and idea's are here to help you get motivated, and give you an idea of where to start! If you havent exercised in some time, or you have health concerns you should always consult your physician before starting something new!